The eye and health care project of Mumbai Smiles provides eye/health care screening & treatment facilities to the underprivileged communities. The project aims to increase awareness and improve access to eye/health care services. Mumbai Smiles has successfully carried out 20 camps for eye checkup in partnership Eye Hospital, Vision Foundation of India.

Recently, an Eye Checkup camp was organized on 13th Feb 2016 at Padmashali Ashram. The objective of the camp was to create awareness about eye disorders and their early detection among underprivileged people and to detect refractive errors and eye aliments among the community people.

108 people were screened. 89 were identified with Refractive errors, 2 with cataract, 1 with Glucoma, 2 with cyclo and 3 were referred for further investigation.

The camp was a success - thanks to APSTM Team and  President for arranging the hall and other facilities.

The beneficiaries were happy and requested for similar such camps in future. Mumbai Smiles for organizing such camps in the community. Spectacles Distribution and cataract surgery shall be undertaken as required.

Free Eye Check Up for our Society People