President Message

Dear all,
Warm regards to all members and families of Padmashali Samaj. It is because of your continuous support that made our samaj from a small seed to a big tree. I would also like to enlighten the contribution made by the founders of our samaj who has a vision to work for the benefit and betterment of samaj people because they felt that our society people are lacking in many areas compared to other societies like education, getting jobs and standard of living. The founders of our samaj has sacrificed their time, money and efforts to lay the foundation of our samaj for which we should be always grateful for them. We all carry the belief which we have obtained from our elders and senior members of samaj called “samaja seva” i.e. service towards the people and their development. “Samaja Seva” is not a destination but a continuous journey in which we need to add values to enrich our society. Our samaj binds us together in our happiness and sorrows to face the challenges.

I would like to highlight some of the facilities like study room facility and scholarships to need students, Mahila mandali for women, Swadhyai group for senior members, health camps, function hall facility etc.

A lot has been done and a lot needs to be done for our society as we need to take our people along with the world and make ourself competent to face the day to day challenges. Our young generation has the responsibility on their shoulders and young people can do the changes to do the things in a better way.

I am very happy for whatever good things done for our society and hopeful for future of our samaj. It is a responsibility of every member of our samaj to give something to our society. It does not mean giving in terms of money but it in terms of time, knowledge value and feelings for the Samaj. We have received many things from the society and whenever the time comes we have to give back something to the society. So dear friends I request and welcome you all to please come and join to our Samaj for betterment of society.

“Ask not what your community can do for you but ask what you can do for your community”

Our Markandeya Bhagwan blessings be always upon us.


"Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater. This is our dream for India."